Medical Homeopathy, your questions answered by Dr Jeni Worden

Homeopathic remedies can safely be taken along with other medicines. It can be very dangerous to stop a medicine which you have been using for some time. The remedies will not interfere with your other drugs.

You will be able to reduce your other drugs if you begin to improve under the influence of your homeopathic treatment.

What conditions respond to Homeopathy? ( A patients perspective) 

Most illnesses can be helped by Homeopathy and these are a few examples:

1, Varicose Veins
2, Post Natal Depression
3, HRT Alternatives
4, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
5, Babies and Children
6, Winter Colds and Ills

If you would like information on other conditions that can be helped by Homeopathy then please contact Dr Jeni who will endeavour to respond with details of remedies she has used in the past that have proved effective. 

For individual treatments you do need to consult a Medical Homeopath who will then be able to prescribe accordingly.

Dr Jeni Worden currently practices Homeopathy at the Highcliffe Clinic, near Christchurch, Dorset UK.

It is very helpful to tell your GP that you are consulting a Medical Homeopath. Your homeopathic doctor may ask your permission to contact your GP to say that they are treating you. This will allow them to share important information.
However, they will not do so if you do not give your permission.

This page last updated 16/01/07